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Elephant Mountain – Taipei

Elephant Mountain (Xiang Shan) Trail (象山親山步道) begins next to Xinyi District in downtown Taipei. The trail offers the best close up views of Taipei 101 and eastern downtown Taipei, as well as across to Songshan Airport and Yangmingshan to the north. All up a trek up the mountain can be completed in under 2 hours but allow yourself more time to take in the scenery.
View of Xinyi District, Taipei 101 and downtown Taipei.
Parts of the trail are very steep, but well paved.
Expect some great views - such as of Taipei 101. This one is from the eastern end of the Elephant Mountain trail at Yongchun Gang Park.
Fresh air and lush greenery right next to downtown Taipei

Trail Name: Elephant Mountain Trail / 象山親山步道 / Xiàngshān qīnshān bùdào

Getting here:
Western entrance by MRT- approximately 500m south of Xiangshan Station (信義線) (see map)
Western entrance from Xinyi District- by either a 10-15 minute walk from Xinyi District / Taipei 101 to the western entrance (shown on the map)
Eastern entrance by bus/taxi-  take buses 33 / 299 or a taxi to Yongchun Gang Park (永春崗公園) on the east side of the trail and then walk to the western entrance

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