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Ping Ding Old Canal Trail hike

Historic canal trail on Taipei's northern doorstep.
This is an enjoyable walk through lush forest in the mountains of northern Taipei, alongside the historic irrigation canals that criss-cross the area and past local citrus farms. The system of canals continues to be used by some of the neighbouring farmers today. A loop of the area takes about 2 hours although there is no fixed route.
Bamboo and ferns are typical of the scenery on the way up.
The canal wall becomes part of the path.

Trail Name: Ping Ding Old Canal Trail / 坪頂古圳親山步道 / Píngdĭng Gŭzhèn Qīnshān Bùdào

Location: Yangmingshan National Park, Zhishan Road, Section 3, Taipei City (台北市善路三段)

Getting here: get off at MRT Jiantan Station (劍潭站) and then take bus S18 to the last stop, then follow signs (in English and Chinese) to start of walk. Parking is also available a few hundred metres before this.

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