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A quick guide to Taipei’s night markets

Taiwan’s night markets are a great way to experience and understand local food culture in Taiwan. Here are some of Taipei’s better known and easy to get to options.
Shilin Night Market
Taipei’s largest and most famous night market is easy to get to by Taipei Metro and a good introduction to Taiwan’s night market food. More touristy than Taipei’s other night markets, many stall holders here have menus in English and Japanese and are a little bit more pushy to get customers eating at their counters. The streets and lanes surrounding the market are full of clothing shops, as well as tonnes more eateries.

location: Shilin Road, Taipei City / 台北市士林路
transport: across the road from Jiantan Station (劍潭站) (NOT Shilin Station)
pinyin: Shìlín Yèshì

Liaoning Street Night Market – 遼寧街夜市
Both sides of Liaoning Street are lined with seafood restaurants open to the street. Seafood is the focus here – you can simply pick what you want to eat and have it cooked on the spot.

location: Liaoning Street, Taipei City / 台北市遼寧街
transport: 5-10 minutes walk from Nanjing East Road Station (南京東路站)
pinyin: Liáoníng Jiē Yèshì

Raohe Night Market – 饒河街觀光夜市
This is a very popular Taipei night market that features in many tourist brochures. From evenings onward the street is taken over by almost 500m of street food sellers and accessories stalls. Raohe in Songshan District is just a short walk from the Wufenpu fashion district so you can easily combine the two.

location: Raohe Street (between Bade Road and Fuyuan Street), Songshan District, Taipei City / 台北市松山區饒河街(八德路四段及撫遠街間)
transport: 150m from Songshan Station

Tonghua Night Market – 通化夜市 (臨江街夜市)
Running for more than half a kilometre on an actual street this is one of the largest night markets in central Taipei and one of the easiest to get to. Tonghua, also called Linjiang St Night Market, has a huge range of Taiwanese snack and food stalls, and restaurants, as well as clothing and accessory stalls.

location: Tonghua and Lijiang Streets, Taipei City / 台北市通化街及臨江街
transport: walk from Xinyi Anhe Station (信義安和站) exit 4 (approx 300-400m along Tonghua Street) / also 10 minutes walk from Liuzhangli Station (六張犁站)
pinyin: Tōnghuà Yèshì

Shida Night Market – 師大夜市
The small night market is much quieter than in years gone by but it is still teaming with Taiwanese street food, unique shops, and restaurants. Located in area right beside National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) on Shida Road, just off Heping East Road and close to Gongguan.

location: Shida Road, Taipei City / 台北市師大路
transport: walk from Guting Station (古亭站站) or Taipower Building Station (台電大樓站)
pinyin: Shīdà Yèshì

A nice place to chill out. Part night market, part food truck park with food, drinks and music. Located right in the heart of Xinyi district close to Xinyi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

location: 3 Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City / 信義區松壽路3號
transport: located smack in between the Red and Blue lines, get off at Taipei 101 / World Trade Center (Red) or Taipei City Hall (Blue) stations

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