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Tianmu Trail + Fengcui Waterfall

This popular walk is especially handy for those based in Tianmu and elsewhere in northern Taipei. Tianmu Trail (天母古道) begins at at the top end of Zhongshan Nth Road (section 7) and runs through some lush forest, mostly uphill, to the Chinese Cultural University (中國文化大學). The full trail is roughly 2.6 km long. Another option which is covered below is to return to Tianmu via the Fengcui waterfall (look out for the sign).
Along the trail
The first half of the trail is all uphill with lots of (paved) stairs.
Around halfway, the path flattens out.
There are some nice views of “country” Taipei and Yangming Shan National Park (陽明山國家公園).
If you are lucky you can sometimes get a glimpse of a Formosan Macaque (台灣獼猴).
As an alternative to continuing on up to the Chinese Cultural University you can return to Tianmu via the much less used (and less maintained) path, just follow the turnoff sign. This takes you past the attractive Fengcui Waterfall (翠峰瀑布) and down through some thick forest.
Once you have reached the road you can easily walk the few kilometres back to Tianmu via some quiet residential areas.

Name: Tianmu Trail / 天母古道 / Tiānmǔ gǔdào

Location: top of Zhongshan North Road, Section 7, Shilin, Taipei City

Getting here: take any bus to Tianmu roundabout (such as bus 220 from Zhishan Station / 芝山站) – then walk up Zhongshan Road Sec 7

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