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Wuliao Jian Hiking Trail

This is one of the finest day hikes near Taipei. Wuliao Jian (五寮尖登山步道) is similar to Xiaozi Shan Trail in that it has a number of roped ridge areas. Some areas also require ropes to get up and down - some slopes are very steep, high and almost vertical. Make sure you buy a pair of (cheap) white cloth gloves from the store at the start of the trail, these will help protect your hands when using the ropes.

The hike starts next to an isolated shop (shown on the map). The full route is around 7km, with hiking time around 5 hours (or more).

Name: Wuliao Jian Hiking Trail / 五寮尖登山步道 (Wǔ liáo jiān dēngshān bùdào)

Location: Dabu Rd Sansia District, New Taipei City (新北市三峽區大埔路)

Getting Here: take the Banqiao Metro line to Yongning Station (永寧站) – then bus 812 to Sanxia (三峽) – once there it is easiest and quickest to get a taxi to Wuliao Jian (approx 15 minutes) – trail starts at position indicated on map

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