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Zhinan Temple Trail hike

If you have done a few walks in Taipei you will have noticed the Taiwanese desire for constructing paths that take the shortest route up a mountain. Zhinan Temple Trail (指南宮步道) is no exception. The trail is short (roughly 1.5km) but has around 1,200 stone steps . Obviously this walk can be done in both directions but walking up seems more fun.
The trail is lined with Japanese stone lanterns that date back to the Japanese colonial era of the early Showa period (around the late 1930s according to a number of websites). The bulk of the walking path is also shaded by some quite old trees. There are also some great urban views along the way.
Zhinan Temple (指南宮步道 / Chi Nan Temple) and moutnain. The original part of the temple was built in 1890 but has been expanded numerous times. Zhinan Trail - Maokong Cable Car Zhinan Temple is right next door to Maokong Gondola Zhinan Temple Station.
The cable car can be taken to Taipei Zoo Station then a bus to Xinyi district or a train to elsewhere.
Getting here: If walking uphill take bus BR 15 from the Taipei Metro Taipei Zoo Station to the start of walk OR take any bus to NCCU (政大) stop then walk along Zhinan Road Section 2 for a little over 500 metres and follow signs to the start of the walk (shown on map below). After the walk take the Maokong Gondola back to Taipei Zoo Station. Do this in reverse if going downhill.

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